Liyang AT-200X 1993 VS Univega ROVER 306 1996 specs comparison

Liyang AT-200X 1993 comparison online with competitors

Liyang AT-200X

General Infos
Model AT-200X
Manufacturer Liyang
Year of production 1993
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Color choice -Not found
Sizes - 18
- 20
- 22
Sizes - 18
- 20
- 22

Wheels And Breaking System

Bike front tireCheng Shin K-100A
Bike rear tireNot Available
Bike wheel sizeNot Available
Brakeset type Levers
Shimano Altus C10 Brakes
Hubs for disc brakesShimano Altus C10
Rims manufacturer 36-hole
Liyang 421 Alloy
Spoke nipples typeNot Available
Spoke wheelNot Available

Frame and Body Specs

Frame materialsLiyang MT-23 Chrome-moly
Frame typeTIG-welded Steel
Handlebar constructionLiyang MTB
Handlebar extenderNot Available
Handlebar stem detailsLiyang MTS 309
Headset sizeNot Available

Gearing Specifications

Bicycle chainShimano Cn-UG50
Bottom bracket shell widthNot Available
Bottom bracket typeNot Available
Crankset parts and sizes 28/38/48 Teeth
Shimano Altus C10
Gear shift leversShimano Altus C10 Rapidfire Plus
Rear gear set 13 - 30 Teeth

Liyang AT-200X Fork System Data

Derailleur (Front)Shimano Altus C10
Derailleur (Rear)Shimano Altus C10
Fork materialNot Available
Fork typeLiyang Jumbo Fork

Other Specs of Liyang AT-200X

Component group setsShimano Altus C10 Rapidfire Plus
Pedals detailsHung Kuang VP892
Rear shock absorberNot Available
Saddle seatLiyang 9200-1
Seat post extensionLiyang DPK-100

Univega Rover 306 1996 comparison online with competitors

Univega Rover 306

General Infos
Model Rover 306
Manufacturer Univega
Year of production 1996
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Color choice - green
- satin
- titanium
-Dark blue
Sizes - 14.5 (inches)
- 16.5 (inches)
- 18.5 (inches)
- 20.5 (inches)
- womens 16.5 (inches)
- womens 18.5 (inches)

Wheels And Breaking System

Bike front tire Rear: 26 X 1.95 (inches) Kenda K-816
Front: 26 X 1.95 (inches) Kenda K-837
Bike rear tireNot Available
Bike wheel size26 (inches) Wheels
Brakeset type Tektro 371AP Levers
Shimano Altus Brakes
Hubs for disc brakesNot Available
Rims manufacturer 36-hole
Femco 564A
Spoke nipples typeBrass Nipples
Spoke wheel 2.0 (millimeters) Straight Gauge
Stainless Steel

Frame and Body Specs

Frame materialsChromoly Main Triangle and hi-tensile Steel Rear Stays
Frame typeTIG-welded Steel
Handlebar constructionHsin Lung MTB 110
Handlebar extenderOptional
Handlebar stem detailsHsin Lung MTS 31900
Headset size1 (inches) YST 662

Gearing Specifications

Bicycle chain 1/2 X 3/32 (inches)
Bottom bracket shell width68 (millimeters) English
Bottom bracket type 116 (millimeters) Spindle
Shimano BB-CT91
Crankset parts and sizes 24/34/42 Teeth
Shimano AceraX
Gear shift leversGrip Shift MRX-100
Rear gear set 11 - 28 Teeth

Univega Rover 306 Fork System Data

Derailleur (Front) Top-pull and clamp-on 28.6 (millimeters)
Shimano AceraX Top-swing
Derailleur (Rear)Shimano AceraX
Fork material Unicrown Crown
Chromoly and hi-tensile Steel
Fork typeUnivega

Other Specs of Univega Rover 306

Component group setsShimano AceraX
Pedals detailsWellgo LU-895
Rear shock absorberNot Available
Saddle seatVelo VL-169 With B-10 Cover
Seat post extension 25.4 (millimeters) Diameter
Kalloy SP-242

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