Yellow Mushroom Funky Mushroom World Cup 1996 Technical specs and features

Brand Yellow Mushroom
Model Funky Mushroom World Cup
First production 1996
Bike category Mountain Bike
Bike sub-category Mountain With Dual Suspension
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Parts And Accessories Yellow Mushroom Funky Mushroom World Cup Parts   
Available Sizes - 14 (inches) / 35.56 (cm)
- 14 (inches)
- 14.5 (inches) / 36.83 (cm)
- 14.5 (inches)
- 15.5 (inches) / 39.37 (cm)
- 15.5 (inches)
- 16 (inches) / 40.64 (cm)
- 16 (inches)
- 17 (inches) / 43.18 (cm)
- 17 (inches)
- 18 (inches) / 45.72 (cm)
- 18 (inches)
- 19 (inches) / 48.26 (cm)
- 19 (inches)
- 20 (inches) / 50.8 (cm)
- 20 (inches)
- 21 (inches) / 53.34 (cm)
- 21 (inches)
- 22 (inches) / 55.88 (cm)
- 22 (inches)

Wheels And Breaking System

Bike front tireRitchey
Bike rear tireNot Available
Bike wheel sizeOptional Wheels
Brakeset type Ritchey WCS Logic Levers
Ritchey WCS Brakes
Hubs for disc brakesNot Available
Rims manufacturer 32-hole
Ritchey Rock Vantage Pro WCS
Spoke nipples typeBrass Nipples
Spoke wheel 2.0 (millimeters) Double Butted
Ritchey Stainless Steel

Frame and Body Specifications

Frame materialsEaston ProGram Elite Double-butted
Frame typeWelded Aluminum
Handlebar constructionRitchey WCS ProLite
Handlebar extenderRitchey Logic Pro WCS
Handlebar stem detailsRitchey WCS
Headset size1 1/8 (inches) Ritchey Pro WCS

Gearing Specs

Bicycle chain 1/2 X 3/32 (inches)
Bottom bracket shell widthNot Available
Bottom bracket typeRitchey ProLite Titanium
Crankset parts and sizes 22/32/42 Teeth
Ritchey Logic
Gear shift leversGrip Shift SRT-800 X-Ray
Rear gear set8-speed

Yellow Mushroom Funky Mushroom World Cup Fork System Data

Derailleur (Front) Top-pull
Shimano Deore XT
Derailleur (Rear)Shimano Deore XT
Fork material Girvin Linkage Crown
Easton 7000 Elite
Fork typeGirvin AL MCU

Other Specs of Yellow Mushroom Funky Mushroom World Cup

Component group setsShimano Deore XT
Available colors - Black
- chrome-plated
- olive
- orange
- polished
- red
- satin
- yellow
Weight Unspecified
Pedals detailsRitchey Logic WCS Titanium
Rear shock absorber 3.5 (inches) Travel
Fox Alps-4R
Saddle seatRitchey Logic Pro WCS
Seat post extension 27.0 (millimeters) Diameter
Ritchey Pro WCS

Yellow Mushroom Funky Mushroom World Cup bike review

Yellow Mushroom produced the Funky Mushroom World Cup bike in 1996 and can be classified as a Mountain bike bicycle, this exact model costs in american market arround $1,999.00.
Funky Mushroom World Cup bike is available in many sizes such as 14 (inches), 14.5 (inches), 15.5 (inches), 16 (inches), 17 (inches), 18 (inches), 19 (inches), 20 (inches), 21 (inches) and 22 (inches).
Yellow Mushroom Mountain bike Funky Mushroom World Cup can be found in a few colors, among these colors Black, chrome-plated, olive, orange, polished, red, satin and yellow .
This bike is equiped with Ritchey tires and Ritchey stainless steel spoke wheel while the rims are manufactured by Ritchey Rock Vantage Pro WCS, 32-hole. Yellow Mushroom equiped this exact model with Ritchey WCS brakes, Ritchey WCS Logic levers braking system .
To guarantee the comfiest ride Yellow Mushroom used Easton ProGram Elite double-butted material for the frame. Ritchey WCS ProLite high strength material is used on the handlebar of this Funky Mushroom World Cup to ensure the perfect handling while the stems are made of Ritchey WCS.
For the smoothest biking experience Ritchey Logic, 22/32/42 teeth is used on this bicycle linked to Sachs chain that is easily replaceable as stated by Yellow Mushroom, the whole system is connected to a high reliability Grip Shift SRT-800 X-Ray gear shift levers.